High performance cleaning for life

In today’s regulatory landscape the selection of a cleaning solvent is challenging and users must evaluate performance, environmental impact, safety and cost before making their choice of how to remove a contaminant from the surface of a component. Acota works with global industry leaders to ensure the products it supplies are the best available on all of these counts.

Precision cleaning is most often required where a component is part of a critical system, often life critical. Selecting the right product to fulfil the requirement is the most important factor to ensure complete reliability and removal of any risk. We offer both aqueous and solvent cleaning fluids because whatever soil you are trying to remove, one of the following processes will remove it safely and effectively:

Typical applications include:

Medium to Heavy
Light oils Lubricants
Halogenated compounds Low MP waxes
Particulates Polishing fluids
Release agents Buffing compounds
Light flux residue RMA flux
No clean flux

Our technical experts can advise you on the most appropriate method and fluid for your cleaning challenge and we are happy to arrange trials to ensure the product is right for your needs. Our range includes:

3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids for precision component cleaning are versatile, non-flammable, high-performing solvents which are used in vapour degreasing and ultrasonic cleaning systems, or in aerosols or hand-wipes. They offer excellent performance and low toxicity, together with a strong environmental profile.

Acota is the sole, authorised distribution channel, in the UK, of 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids.

Esseco UK manufactures a comprehensive range of aqueous precision industrial cleaner concentrates with Rolls Royce and Boeing approvals for its M-Aero product for use, amongst others.

Inventec™ is one of Europe’s leading Performance Chemical companies. Inventec specialise in formulating and distributing a large range of surface cleaning products to industry and its products are widely used together with 3M Novec fluids in a co-solvent cleaning process to remove heavy soils.

Acota is the sole UK and Ireland distributor for the Surface Technologies range.