3M Battery Electrolyte HQ-115

3M™ Fluorad™ lithium (Bis) Trifluoromethanesulfonimide HQ-115 is an electrolyte salt ideal for organic electrolyte-based lithium batteries.

Lithium (Bis) Trifluoromethanesulfonimide (CF3SO2)2 NLi+

CAS Number: 90076-65-6

Cyclic voltamogram studies indicate excellent electrochemical stability. The organic ion is capable of strong covalent bonding and hence exhibits excellent resistance to thermal degradation. Not only does the strong electron withdrawing power of the CF3 – groups help to delocalize the charge on the anion, but the presence of the sulphur, oxygen, and nitrogen atoms, can participate in charge dispersal to further promote dissociation. Fluorad battery electrolyte HQ-115 conductivity values similar to those of LiCIO4 and LiAsF6are possible without the attendant stability and safety concerns.

HQ-115 battery electrolyte has been evaluated in many emerging battery technologies with encouraging results. Papers have been published showing its utility in lithium ion cells, primary and secondary lithium cells using organic liquid electrolytes and polymer batteries.