3M™ Performance Fluids are perfluorocarbon liquids that have unique chemical and physical characteristics.

They are ideally suited for:

  • Direct contact cooling
  • Removing particulates from precision manufactured components
  • Thermal shock testing electronic components
  • Safe, effective, clean flame inserting agents

Their main physical properties, which are inherent to all perfluorocarbons, include:

  • Zero-ozone depletion potential (ODP)
  • Non-volatile organic compound (VOC)
  • Non-flammable
  • Chemical inertness, low solvency
  • Excellent material compatibility
  • Thermal stability
  • Long shelf life
  • Long heat of vaporisation, low surface tension, and low viscosity
  • High density
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Non-corrosive
  • Low toxicity
  • Clear, colourless and odourless
Basic FormulaeC5F11NOC6F14C7F16
Average Molecular Weight299338388
Boiling Point : °C505680
Liquid Density : (g/ml@25°C)1.701.681.73
Liquid Viscosity : (cps@25°C)0.680.670.87
Surface Tension : (dynes/cm@25°C)
Vapor Pressure : (PISA@25°C)5.294.491.53
Heat of Vaporization (J/g@b.pt)1058880
Solubility of (ppm by wt.@25°C)141011
Solubility of FluorocarbonsHighHighHigh
Solubility of SiliconeVery lowVery lowVery low
Flash Point °CNoneNoneNone
Hildebrand Solubility Parameter6.35.65.7