3M 71IPA and Inventec Topklean cosolvent process

Inventec® is one of Europe’s leading Performance Chemical companies. They specialise in formulating and distributing a large range of surface cleaning products to industry.

It’s Topklean™ range of products is widely used together with 3M™ Novec™ fluids in a co-solvent process.

Acota is the sole UK and Ireland distributor for the Surface Technologies range.

QuicksolvCold cleaningWhite spirit, benzene, brominated solvents, HCFC-141b, trichloroethylene
PromosolvVapour degreasing & precision engineering applicationsBrominated solvents, HCFC-141b, trichloroethylene
BiocalDescaling applications
Promoclean TPImmersion cleaning with ultrasonics, metal component cleaning to remove greases, oils and waxes
Promoclean DisperSpray cleaning, metal component cleaning to remove greases, oils and waxes
Proclear BioBiological cleaner for oils and greases
Topclean EL20A/ EL20D / MC-1007/DCo-solvent for use with Novec HFEs in co-solvent immersion cleaning processHCFC-141b, CFC-113