Give glass, and glass-like surfaces, an easy-to-clean coating to help them look good, feel good and function properly with specialist glass coating fluids.

Handheld mobile devices and touchscreen displays let users access information with a simple swipe, but they also tend to accumulate fingerprints, oils, liquids, cosmetics and other materials that can damage displays or make them unappealing to use. Protective coatings of touchscreens and glass-like surfaces help achieve your vision for device style, functionality and feel.

Electronics screens, panels and other glass or glass-like surfaces require coatings which are exceptionally thin and help give devices easy-clean and anti-smudge properties.

Our surface modifiers are easy to apply using spray or dip application methods.

  • Easy-clean: Make it simple to keep products looking their best
  • Anti-smudge: Resist the build-up and retention of oils and dirt
  • Easy to apply: Dries in seconds, thermal curing adds chemical and abrasion resistance
  • No need for costly plasma vapor deposition (PVD) equipment

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