Certonal® heat transfer fluids are a range of fluorinated fluids with exceptional thermal stability; dielectric properties and are essentially chemically inert.

The primary differences in the fluids are in their boiling points and pour points.

The absence of chlorine and hydrogen in the molecular structures of these fluids gives them a high degree of chemical inertness and good compatibility across a range of materials used in many industries.

Certonal heat transfer fluids have greater stability than hydrocarbons or silicones over a wide range of temperatures from their low pour point upwards.

The vapour of these fluids, as well as the liquid, has excellent dielectric properties and acts as an insulator with a dielectric strength of 40kV over a 2.5mm gap.

The combination of properties makes this family of fluids ideally suited to applications including:

  • Electronics testing
  • Radar cooling
  • Laser optics cooling
  • Data centre asset cooling
  • Defence / aerospace applications
CT 100CT 230CT 250CT 270
Boiling Point(°C)97230250270
Pour Point (°C)-110-77-71-66
Kinematic Viscosity (cSt)0.84.4914
Density (g/ml)1.781.831.841.85
Surface Tension (dynes/cm)151919.520.1
Vapour Pressure (Torr)42<10-2<10-2<10-2
Specific Heat (cal/g °C)
Heat of Vapourisation @ B.P. (cal/g)20151515
Thermal Conductivity (W/m °K)0.0630.0650.0700.070
Dielectric Strength (kV, 2.54mm gap)40404040
Av. Molecular Weight415102012851550
Volume Resistivity (ohms/cm)1.9×10156×10156×10156×1015
Solubility of water (ppm)13141414