Boron Nitride Cooling Filler Agglomerates

3M™ Boron Nitride Cooling Fillers are a family of advanced ceramic materials used to help improve thermal conductivity in polymers whilst maintaining or improving electrical insulation. They are also ideal for developing lightweight parts with complex geometries.

Manufacturers of consumer and automotive electronics, high-capacity batteries, LED lighting, 5G applications and other electrical and electronic devices are increasingly utilising high-performance polymers to reduce component size and weight while simplifying assembly. Most polymers, however, have inherent limitations in their ability to conduct heat, which can greatly affect a device’s long-term reliability and performance.

Using 3M Boron Nitride Cooling Fillers, thermal conductivity can be tailored to meet the thermal requirements in a system, using in-plane or through plane optimisation – and harmonised with performance criteria such as target electric insulation, flame retardancy, mechanical properties and low dissipation factor.

Designers, compounders and moulders have an opportunity to improve both thermal conductivity and electrical insulation in a wide range of plastics, elastomers, adhesives and more, enabling a new generation of electrical and electronic components that offer improved performance, reliability and waste reduction.

They are available in 3 grade profiles:

  • Platelets – powders of highly crystalline single platelets
  • Flakes – soft, randomly oriented aggregated platelets
  • Agglomerates – hard, oriented aggregated platelets

Features and Benefits include:

  • High thermal conductivity – to improve thermal dissipation and heat transfer.
  • Electrical insulation – high dielectric strength and breakthrough voltages in insulation.
  • Low loss factor – helps to minimize signal loss.
  • Low density – for lighter weight final parts.
  • Very good processing properties – non-abrasive, lubricating; typically, minimal viscosity increase.
  • Optical properties – easy to colour, excellent optical surface quality and >95% reflectivity

Cooling Filler Platelets

Cooling Filler Flakes

Cooling Filler Agglomerates

Description Highly crystalline BN single platelets Flake agglomerate of crystalline BN platelets Soft bulk agglomerates of crystalline BN platelets
Mean particle size 0.5-1.4 µm 160-450 µm 22-200 µm
Compatible matrix materials (non limiting) Thermoplastics Thermoplastics, elastomers and thermosets Elastomers and thermosets
Typical (but not limiting) applications Optimal all-purpose grades for injection moulded parts, thin films and fibres, fine channels and windings. Boost thermal conductivity of compounds, epoxies and silicones. Potting resins and encapsulation of electronic devices, highest through-plane conductivities in TIM parts.

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