Typical applications:

3M™ Nextel Ceramic fibres & textiles are used to fabricate a wide range of shields, protective covers and other heat resistant devices for furnaces, steel production, investment casting and other high temperature processes.  They are used in a variety of high temperature sealing and heat shielding applications, such as door seals, rotary kiln seals and furnace linings.


They meet the toughest thermal, mechanical and electrical performance requirements, performing beyond the limits of common high temperature textiles such as aramids, carbon, quartz and glass. They are also oxidation resistant, chemically inert, lightweight, flexible, flame resistant, and electrically insulating at high temperatures.


Typically, they may be used in:

  • Furnace linings
  • Zone dividers
  • Heat shields
  • Door seals and gaskets
  • Infrared gas burners
  • Covering for high temperature resistant wire and cable