Solvay® Fomblin® FE20C can be used to impart the properties of liquid fluoropolymers to a variety of substrates such as metals, plastics and composites.

When used as a mould release the benefits include improved chemical resistance, increased oil and water repellency, greater release and a greater lubricity to the substrate.

Applications range from synthetic rubbers to epoxy resins.

Being a functional perfluoropolyether the use of Fomblin FE20C provides a strong affinity to the mould surface with very limited transfer of the release agent to the moulded components and giving a uniform surface coverage with minimum film build up.

Fomblin FE20C is chemically and thermally stable up to 200⁰C with low toxicity and flammability when diluted. Ideally suited for:

  • Aggressive chemical environments
  • High, or wide-ranging, temperature ranges