The Customer

FEW Chemicals, based in Bitterfeld, Germany is a manufacturer of Nano Coatings based on Sol-Gel Technology. Their coatings can be applied to a variety of surfaces including metals, for example, aluminium and stainless steel; plastics, such as, Polycarbonate and PMMA; as well as glass and ceramics.

The Challenge

The main feature of their coatings is the ability to provide easy to clean surfaces. In order to achieve this, the surface must have a low surface energy and a high contact angle to provide the resistance to hydrophobic and hydrophilic agents. FEW Chemicals were looking for an additive product that would offer the appropriate characteristics with suitably sound environmental credentials.

The Solution

Acota recommended Fluorolink S10, which is a fluorinated silane and is compatible with Sol-Gel Technology.  It was chosen by FEW Chemicals to give the easy clean properties that they require in their coatings. Furthermore, it was selected for ecological reasons as it has a configuration with a small number of perfluoro groups and does not contain or degrade to PFOA.

What is Fluorolink S10?

Fluorolink S10 is used as an additive in thin film coatings incorporating nano technology and Sol-Gel technology and at levels of up to 0.5% enhancing the easy clean properties of such coatings. It is most used where there is a requirement for easy clean coatings with good oil and water repellency for application to glass and ceramic surfaces.

Fluorolink S10 is a difunctional fluorinated triethoxysilane, which is soluble in alcohol water mixtures at concentrations of <1%. The presence of the silane groups in the chain ensure good adhesion to surfaces which typically contain OH groups such as glass and ceramic materials.  The presence of fluorine in the molecule ensures Fluorolink S10 gives low energy surfaces with both hydrophobic and oleophobic properties when used in coatings.